This is a quick review of how the advice in this week’s DFS Mega Preview panned out.

I covered the multi-lineup strategy I use in the post-mortem last week. In short, I used the advice in the preview article and built 20 different lineups and submitted them into GPPs.

Below are the best and worst lineups from that advice:

My Best Lineup

Summary: This lineup had a lot of hits: Dak, Riddick, Hopkins, Tate, and Thielen all tore it up. There were three players that held this lineup from doing even better: Mike Davis, Marvin Jones, and Cameron Brate.

My Worst Lineup

Summary: There were several players who didn’t meet expectations, and this lineup has all of them. The cheap running backs didn’t hit, and neither Sterling Shepard nor Evan Engram did much this week.

Lessons Learned

Things that went well: It paid off to heavily lean on Hopkins and Thielen. Both are great talents that had a slow week last week, but rebounded well this week. Also riding Riddick and Prescott against soft matchups paid off.

Things to improve: Some of the very cheap running backs this week didn’t help me out, such as Mike Davis and Bilal Powell. I may have been asking for too much from those players. Also, Robby Anderson’s hamstring injury may have impacted him this week, so I should have pivoted off of him. Also, in other lineups, I still played Zay Jones and I should have swapped him out due to the weather in Buffalo.

On to Week 15!

Image: Icon Sportswire